Lucy’s life since GIDC

To say I’ve been busy since the final of the GIDC,would be a gross understatement! The ‘whirling dervish’ that is me, is still very much whirling! In fact, I just haven’t stopped! Plus the builders landed on us four weeks ago to renovate the kitchen! Just what we needed, not!

I’ve been involved in a number of new and exciting projects; from interior design, rug design commissions, furniture up-cycling and mural painting etc to magazine articles, blog interviews, trade shows etc. It has been fantastic to get my teeth into real life design projects that showcase my creativity and style, but also sometimes tough ; a steep learning curve of prioritising, management and delegation. I am so grateful that I had the experience of The Great Interior Design Challenge. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but really I learned so much!

I’m also very lucky to have the lovely  Katie Kennedy (who helped me in the final), graphic designer, assisting me with all aspects of my website, social media and print design and the powerhouse that is Wendy Bailey as my media representative. I really wouldn’t have had so much fun without them.

There are also lots of other new projects  in the pipeline over the coming summer months and I can’t wait to get going on them as well. I have a new intern starting very soon, to help with all aspects of the business, so thats a first and will be fab!! Watch this space!