Latest project – Essex Home

My latest project is the design, build and makeover of the two front rooms of this gorgeous, Victorian home in Essex.

Having moved recently to the property, clients, Ross and Leanne and there two small children, wanted me to transform both rooms and provide them with a new family/TV room and also a new more grown up room for entertaining !

I have loved working on this project and spent last week with my builder Alex transforming the spaces, while the family were on holiday.

Here are the results…. firstly the more grown up Sitting Room.

For this room I wanted to create a glamorous, but also relaxed feel.  It was very important to the client  that I recycle as much of their existing furniture and pieces as possible and then add vintage and up cycled finds to the interior.  I used the pink of the juke box and the fluoro print above the sofa as inspiration. Both rooms had already been newly painted in fresh off white and so to update that and to add depth, I used Little Green’s ‘Basalt’ paint on the fireplace wall.

Alex built shelves in the chimney breast alcoves, to use for record and CD storage above the juke box and for drinks and glassware above the bar cupboard, bought locally from eBay.

The purple velvet sofa was already in the room and worked with the scheme and to add more seating  I recovered an ebay sofa in navy linen and denim as well as a tired, but favourite chair of Ross’s.

Alex made the two large floor lamps to my design, from a very ancient and discarded gatepost that I spotted in Leanne and Ross’s garden.

I used a kilim rug  (also from ebay) to add texture and another dimension to the space and then a bamboo and glass, central coffee table, painted black gloss to anchor the rug.

I picked up the side tables and smaller items from vintage shops and also made new cushions for the sofa from denim offcuts, which I bleached with a circle design.

And now the Family Room

This was such a fun scheme to create.

First, we took the original brown, velvet corner sofa, chopped one end off and created two new pieces; a new longer three seater as well as a new single seater, which both fit much more comfortably in the space. I used black and white striped fabric and a throw of the clients from Mexico to recover the ends and some of the seat cushions. I chose these fabrics to add colour and pattern. I also dyed some of the original brown fabric black, using Dylon washing machine dye.

We made two small side tables for the ends of the sofa, using frame pieces left from the GIDC TV show in Bath (you may recognise them from the shelving unit) and customised a vintage plan chest as a central coffee table. Perfect for the kids to use as a drawing table and also to store their toys in underneath. We updated the table lamps in the room by adding new shades  and Alex customised an existing metal light by giving it a new heavy wooden base, using the offcuts from the old fence post! Genius!

I gave the existing rug and carpet a really good clean and hung the artworks.

Have still got to finish the curtains with a bright border, and add a padded seat to the toy box  to make a new window seat. Am thinking of painting one of the walls a strong orange or pink to inject more colour and warmth.

Ross and Leanne have already asked me back to start designs for the hall, stairs and landing….. so watch this space.

Tomorrow I start a new mural for The Church Street Tavern, Restaurant and Bar, so will keep you posted about that too…..exciting times



Lucy’s life since GIDC

To say I’ve been busy since the final of the GIDC,would be a gross understatement! The ‘whirling dervish’ that is me, is still very much whirling! In fact, I just haven’t stopped! Plus the builders landed on us four weeks ago to renovate the kitchen! Just what we needed, not!

I’ve been involved in a number of new and exciting projects; from interior design, rug design commissions, furniture up-cycling and mural painting etc to magazine articles, blog interviews, trade shows etc. It has been fantastic to get my teeth into real life design projects that showcase my creativity and style, but also sometimes tough ; a steep learning curve of prioritising, management and delegation. I am so grateful that I had the experience of The Great Interior Design Challenge. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but really I learned so much!

I’m also very lucky to have the lovely  Katie Kennedy (who helped me in the final), graphic designer, assisting me with all aspects of my website, social media and print design and the powerhouse that is Wendy Bailey as my media representative. I really wouldn’t have had so much fun without them.

There are also lots of other new projects  in the pipeline over the coming summer months and I can’t wait to get going on them as well. I have a new intern starting very soon, to help with all aspects of the business, so thats a first and will be fab!! Watch this space!


Ideal Home Show – Press Day

Had an absolutely amazing day on Friday at The Ideal Home Show – Press Day, Olympia. Met some of the fab ambassadors and generally ‘talked the  hind legs off a donkey!’ …….which if you didn’t know is generally one of my strengths!


Thrift Store colour, Chesapeake, Virginia

These images of an amazing Thrift Store that I took in Chesapeake, Virginia early last Spring, are really inspiring me today for a new mural design ……. watch this space. I was visiting my sister and her family to celebrate her 50th Birthday and it really was a fab trip…… particularly as we had some unexpected heavy snowfall and that made everything even more magical!!

GIDC Final – Sheffield Park, Sussex

The final of the GIDC was held in Sheffield Park, Sussex, a beautiful stately home in  stunning grounds.

It really was the most amazing few days of my life, not least because of all the incredible people involved, but also I was able  to design interiors for a dream property in incredible gardens and the sun just kept shining…….amazing memories