Van Gogh at the Kroller Muller Museum

There’s nothing quite like seeing certain art in the flesh and these originals by Van Gogh certainly didn’t disappoint. The depth of colour and the layers of paint are just astonishing and really not fully appreciated when transferred to the pages of a book – Stunning!


Following a recent trip to The Kroller Muller Museum in Amsterdam, can’t stop thinking about these beautiful Barbara Hepworth Sculptures and the amazing pavilion that they’re housed in.

Such beautiful shapes and forms, breathtaking !

String Letters

I love these letters that some of my art students made last term.

What they did is ……
1) Found bits of scrap plywood in the workshop bin.
2) Drew out a letter on the plywood in pencil.
3) Hammered in small nails, around the shape of the letter
4) Wound string around the nails in different designs and colours.

Fab, don’t you think?

Repeat Patterns

Just flicking through my phone and looking at images of my week so far and I realise how often and how much of my life and work is about repeat patterns. Here are a few examples…

Bun pattern at a bakery and I spotted these little daisy beauties walking home on Tuesday.

Yesterday and today…painting patterns in my sketchbook.

Colourful Kids’ Corners

One of my favourite things is transforming my kids’ bedrooms. When they were little I could really go to town with colour and creativity. Here are some photos of their rooms in our last house.

Not surprisingly, now they’re getting older I have less of a free reign and as teenagers they seem to be much happier with sombre colours. That said, I’m actually really looking forward to decorating my 16 year old, Leo’s room, in varying shades of black and grey.

To add contrast I’ll play around with finishes and textures rather than colours and I can always throw in a bright duvet or a colourful cushion when he’s not looking!